DinaLisa is a young and creative company focused on beauty photography and was founded by two autodidact photographers. The founders Annedien Vermulm – Dina – and Talisa Stewart – Lisa – approach every shoot    with the same amount of passion. Their work is charactarized by conceptual elaborations and a disciplined execution.
The choice to fully specialize in beauty photography, didn’t come out of the blue at all. For Annedien and Talisa, their earlier work in both fashion and beauty photography, eventually led to no other option than to acknowledge their predilection for beauty photography. Annedien en Talisa simply love the challenge beauty photography gives: they see it as an opportunity to come up with the most extraordinary details. To give a facial shot just as much power as a fullbody fashion shot and to bring about a certain subtelty and mystery, that’s where the true power of photography lies for DinaLisa.